Project. Spanish Design. A New Generation

Centro Cultural de España
Ciudad de México, México
Curaduría: Marcelo Leslabay
Proyecto realizado en colaboración con Salvador Arroyo y César Cantú
Noviembre 2002

This exhibit gathered the works of young Spanish professionals in graphic, industrial, fashion and digital design.

This exhibit was composed in three areas that intertwined and articulated the space for the exhibit: the centre area where the work of ten designers was exposed; the area of publications, to consult Spanish design magazines and books; the slideshow area, in which 240 images were projected with Spanish contemporary music in the background.

The exhibit included the proposal of a museographic furnishing that parted from two fundamental elements: the challenge of intervening in an architectonic space of a singular character to adapt it museographically and on the other hand, the shapes themselves, materials and colors of the furnishing.

Following this line and given the multiple uses given to the patio of the Cultural Centre of Spain —since it houses simultaneously exhibits and different cultural events—, a flexible yet unique intervention was chosen, in which the particularities of the museographic furnishing and the space itself, were the guidelines of the intervention.

Project carried out with the collaboration of Salvador Arroyo and César Cantú.