Tdm+ is a comprehensive design workshop devoted to management, planning, conceptualization, design, production and assembling of museums, exhibitions and other narrative environments.


Being a cultural enterprise which strengths and enriches our country with innovative proposals based in the continuous experimentation in the museographic and cultural management spheres/arenas.


With over 15 years experience, we design narrative environments as a creative form of expression for the comprehension of the products and facts of our culture.

We integrate in our philosophy every action destined to interpret and put together an idea to bring it to life and make sense through a strategy of communication resources, which relate the theoretical and practical aspect of culture.

We act with a combination of academic accuracy, creativity, professionalism as well as social conscience and ethics.

We contribute in a critical and positive way to the cultural sphere in Mexico addressing a broad spectrum of society not solely an intellectual and social elite.

We work in a dynamic structure that enlists diverse specialists to create the ideal team for each project’s necessities.