Shangai Pavilion

Pabellón Shanghai

Ciudad de México

Concurso en colaboración con Gustavo Lipkau

March 2009

TDM participation in Pavilion Shanghai was divided into two stages.

On the first one, we participate in the contest. Under the heading “Better city, better live”, the proposal of the contest was to reflect on how we define the process of urbanization after 200 years of Independence and 100 years of the Mexican Revolution.

The project aimed to recover public spaces as an element for social cohesion in society.

On the second intervention, we developed a museum proposal along with SLOT studio, which won the contest to design the pavilion.

The proposal divided the museum on three concepts: space, time and topics. The first section: space located major cities of the six regions in which the country is divided. The six regions were located over three time-lines on time section. Finally topics proposed that each region could be approached from four perspectives: cultural diversity, economic prosperity, scientific and technological innovations, and restructuring of communities and rural-urban interaction.