National Museum of the Revolution (MNR)

Ciudad de México
Concurso no ganado
March 2009

The Revolution was a sudden immersion of Mexico in her own being. Octavio Paz

In accordance with the project of comprehensive rescue of the Plaza de la Repúlica (Plaza of the Republic), the museographic proposal displayed from a holistic perspective the following conceptual guidelines, which followed three main matters:

What are the implications today of the Mexican Revolution?

Why do we recover the history of the Mexican Revolution?

How do we recover the history of the Mexican Revolution?

A museum is not a history book. The Revolution is a field for debate even today, which is why the museum has to be that resonance box where this plurality of voices can be heard and represented as well as the different approaches to this time period. Hence the museum has to be a lively space, an open forum for debate and reflection, with a critical focus and in constant construction in direct contact with the complicity with the user.