Looks at 68

Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco (CCUT)
Ciudad de México, México
Curaduría: Álvaro Vázquez Mantecón, Ricardo Pérez Montfort, Alberto del Castillo, Greco Sotelo y Pilar García
September 2008

Through the impeccable and austere museography from the base structures of scaffoldings, the exhibit offered the public a new perspective on the impact the student movement of 1968 had in the Mexican artistic and cultural production toward the second half of the XX century.

With an audiovisual tour of five thematic lines —music, literature, photography, cinema and plastic arts— an account was presented of how the political protest had a bearing in the transformation of the artistic and cultural practices in Mexico: the distancing between the creators and the State, the emergence of a political art, or the search of new artistic spaces in which the street, as an echo of demonstrations in August and September 1968, became a forum to encounter new audiences and new messages.