The Meaning of Things. A Look of the Artistic and Everyday World of Kati and José Horna

Museo Nacional de Arte (MUNAL)
Ciudad de México, México
Curaduría: Karen Cordero
Julio 2003

This exhibit explored the visual and conceptual dialogue between the artists’ works. Kati is Hungarian and José is Spanish, they arrived to Mexico towards the end of 1939 as refugees of the Spanish Civil War.

The museographic proposal in spiral, divided in two main cores going from the private to the public. The House and The surroundings, allowed the visitor to compare and interrelate the aesthetic qualities and the content of the work in different contexts and time periods.

Considering the way of understanding artistic expression from the artists’ standpoint, the pieces couldn’t be presented in a traditional museum space, which is why the museography that was designed was open, intimate, fantastic, warm, organic, almost naked and transparent, so to reflect the manner of facing art and life through 102 pieces: drawings, found art, photography and publications.