The Paintbrushes of History: The Archeology of the Regime, 1910-1955

Museo Nacional de Arte (MUNAL)
Ciudad de México, México
Curaduría: Renato González Mello
August 2003

With the objective of exercising a review of the plastic strategies that narrate historical facts of our country, the National Art Museum (Museo Nacional de Arte) organized a series The Paintbrushes of History, made up of four exhibits that reflected those stories waiting to be told, from the viceroyalty until the first half of the XX century.

The series ended with the exhibit The Archeology of the Regime, 1910-1955 which was made up of over 370 pieces of painting, drawings, sculpture, stamps, printed means, photography, film and documentary material.

The museographic set up proposed an industrial appearance allusive to the time period and a visual confrontation of the pieces, with the intention of showing the diverse opinions of the ideological, political and social debate which defined the post-revolutionary regime and the collective imaginary of a citizenry in the making.