The Intermittence of the Image. Isabel and Agustín Coppel Collection

Museo de Arte de Sinaloa (MASIN)
Culiacán, Sinaloa, México
Curaduría: Taiyana Pimentel
March 2006

In concordance with the character of the collection, the exhibit started from a non-lineal idea of time and the concept of space, in which many concepts and artistic strategies converge.

The intermittence of the Image dealt with the representations of an individual and the post-modern space with photographs, video installations, objects, drawing notions and sound installations.

Through the re-adaptation of the exhibit rooms of the MASIN, museographically we tried to create an accelerated tour of the last 15 years of development of contemporary art, branded by the readings and reviewing of the three artistic movements which have defined contemporary plastic arts: Pop Art, Minimalism and Conceptualism.