Lacoste 12.12

Centro de Arquitectura y Diseño (CAD)
Ciudad de México, México
Curaduría: Ana Helena Mallet
Proyecto realizado en colaboración con Michel Grizas y Andrea NavarroNovember 2006

Exhibit-auction that presented an interdisciplinary dialogue (visual artists, graphic designers, fashion designers, industrial designers, architects, musicians, actors, poets, chefs and sports people) around Lacoste 12.12, a mythical garment created over 70 years ago by René Lacoste, along with the essence of the brand and the emblematic crocodile.

As a design, the installation of the objects were presented “floating” or in a relation with a natural element such as grass to evoke the slogan which identifies the brand: un peu d’air sur terre.

Project carried out with the collaboration of Michel Grizas and Andrea Navarro