Butterfly garden

Papalote. Museo del niño

Ciudad de México, México

23 octubre 2012 – junio 2013

As part of the complementary activities to the screening of the film The Flight of the Monarch, and the revitalization of the green areas of the museum, it was developed the Butterfly Garden installation.

The project’s objective was to raise awareness about the importance of butterflies within our environment, for this reason, the exhibition design proposal used low environmental impact materials and reuse and recycled materials.

The intention was to evoke a feeling rather than a faithful reproduction of a butterfly. From the study of the morphology and colorful butterflies, 4,200 radiographs became 21,500 butterflies that were mounted in different areas of the museum.

In the museum’s lobby area, it was display an installation of butterflies made with corn leaves. The aim of this installation was represent the Mexican butterfly and intent to provoke on the visitors curiosity, excitement and surprise when they enter to the museum.

Throughout the Megapantalla’s lobby it was placed a butterfly path to guide visitors to the projection room and garden. Besides children’s workshops, in one of the garden cottages, there were exhibited large light boxes with interactive info -graphics to learn more about the morphology, migration and conservation of butterflies.