Spanish Exile in Mexico City. Cultural Legacy.

Museo de la Ciudad
Madrid, España
Curaduría: Dolores Plá Brugat y Álvaro Vázquez Mantecón
October 2010

The local governments of Mexico City and Madrid promoted this binational exhibit. The objective was to show the cultural exchange between these two cities during the period after the Spanish Civil War, when Mexico City welcomed large groups of exiles from all over Spain. The exhibit showed the way these groups arrive to Mexico and became part of the cultural life of the city. The show was divided in 5 themes: Mexico and the Spanish Civil War, Refugee Reception, Refugee City, Legacy of the Exile and Endless Exile. The exhibit displayed 700 objects from many exile families.

The museographic proposal was based on the urban plan of Mexico City and indented to evoke the streets on the walls, glass cabinets and furniture of the exhibition.