Exilio español en la Ciudad de México. Legado cultural

Museo de la Ciudad de México

Ciudad de México, México.

Julio 2014.

Curadora: Dolores Pla Brugat.

It was an exhibition oriented to offer a comprehensive look about the role played by the republican exile in Mexican culture life. It presented this social phenomenon as one of the historical factors that influenced in the capital and the country’s development, making itself visible in an extensive cultural horizon, which covered not only academic aspects but also other features that enlarge the sense of the concept culture and emphasize its human dimension.

Thereby Exilio español en la ciudad de México. Legado cultural offered keys for understanding one of the biggest human experiences concerning the opening for victims of political persecution and how it resulted in transformation, development and imagination factors mostly for Mexico’s City. The exhibition focused on representing how Mexican generosity was responded with an enormous work in almost every sphere of the country’s life, thus nowadays is still the reflection in which the Mexican culture saw itself and founded new paradigms.

Presented in 5 thematic areas, this exhibition presented more than 700 objects gathered from personal collections from exile families. The museographic proposal conceived a grid that recalls Mexico’s City and in this second edition took form of a map with the emblematic exile sites in the city. With this central element, the museography showed the cultural exchange among the capital and the people who came to inhabit it.

The exhibition was part of the activities organized by institutions, the local, and federal government to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Spanish Exile in Mexico.