The Man on the Crossroads. Diego Rivera’s Mural in the Rockefeller Center

The Mexican Cultural Institute
Washington DC, EUA
Curaduría: Pablo Ortiz Monasterio y Susana Pliego
Noviembre de 2013

The aim of this exhibition was to tell over a story which happened 80 years ago, but now with the shed new light on the events provided by documents that had been inaccessible for almost 50 years founded at Casa de Frida Kahlo.

The story: Diego Rivera, a socialist artist, was hired to paint a mural within the main building at the Rockefeller Center which was being built in the middle of a financial crisis at the USA. The relationship between the muralist and the powerful family was filled of tensions and after a major conflict, ended in the mural’s demolition and the return of Diego Rivera to Mexico.

This exhibition didn’t aspired to take sides; instead, it sought to offer elements to the visitors, so they could recognize the facts and reflect about them. The curatorship, the museography, and the interpretation elements wanted to promote an individual reading through nine halls, which portray the actors, their contexts, the conflict, and the repercussions of this fascinating story.

At his dead, Diego Rivera, made clear that none of the collections could leave the museums. So the exhibition presented facsimiles of the original works, photographs, and documents. This situation allowed us to present diverse formats to communicate the importance and the strong presence of the murals and the persons involved to narrate the story with the most possible context.