Bachelor’s degree in Art History at Universidad Iberoamericana (México city) and Master of Museography and Exhibition Design at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). Senior Management Programme in Museums, PADEM 2012 by the Getty Leadership Institute and ITAM.

Alejandro has lectured several classes and conferences within the Permanent Seminar of Museum Studies in Latin America (ENCRyM) 2011, Museums Interpretation National Programme 2011, National Course of Museums Professionalization INBA 2012, Oaxaca Design Centre, Casa Lamm, among others.

Currently he is CEO at TdM.

Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at Universidad Iberoamericana (México city) with specialization in Interior Design. Currently he is developing a his Master’s degree project: The space where we live: how objects influence the adequacy and perception of humans with their environment at UNAM.

Bachelor’s degree in History at UNAM, Master in Museology at ENCRyM and Doctor of Philosophy in Museum Studies at University of Leicester, UK. As a museum practitioner, she specialises in interpretation, visitor studies, community outreach and learning. She has been postgraduate lecturer and author of several articles published in Museum Management and Curatorship, Intervención and Gaceta de Museos.

Bachelor in Graphic Communication with a specialization in Illustration at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco (Mexico city).